By Manolis Tziaponis 02/05/2018 18:34

Athens, the city of diversity, markable history and rich tradition. Surely you have heard of it as the most visited summer destination in almost every season. But what is life really like in here through the eyes of an ordinary citizen?

Athens has a fast pace of living, this city never sleeps. In the day-time it intrigues you with its ancient architecture, street-art hidden in small alleyways and multiple cozy cafes to sip your coffee during break-time as well as restaurants with vast options of cuisines to serve you.

It's a multicultural city. Even though, Athens stays true to its traditions, it is also really open that's why it never fails to keep in check with the latest European trends, especially in fashion. People are getting more daring and experimental. From high to street fashion, outfits inspired by the 80's-90's, as well as outstanding Asian-like fashion trends.

In the night-time Athens gets even more vivid and suddenly even after a long, exhausting day, you feel energized and ready to hit the city and get the most of the attractions there. Vibrant clubs with genres of music for everybody, chill bars and pubs with a variety drinks to choose from or even a simple walk through the city to admire all the lights and views of Athens during the night.